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Orbit365 Frequently Asked Questions

I'm buying “refurbished” kit. What does that mean?
Our refurbished equipment isn’t brand new, it just looks and operates that way. Your refurbished item was originally owned by a large business. When they get new devices, they pay our parent company, Sims Lifecycle Services, to take their used equipment away and completely wipe it of all data. All the best stuff is passed to Orbit365 to be thoroughly cleaned & tested to ensure that it’s good for sale. Where applicable, we’ll install a new operating system and deliver it to you ready to use straight out of the box.



What can a new computer do that a refurbished one can’t?
Depending on what one you buy, nothing! Refurbished laptops and desktops are great for browsing the Internet, home office work and watching streaming movies and television, some are powerful enough to play games and even for use with 3D CAD. By choosing a refurbished computer you are getting a great piece of equipment at a bargain price.



Will my computer arrive ready to use?
Yes! We are a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, so your computer will arrive installed with a genuine Windows operating system (unless it's a Mac).



Do you also sell new items?
Sometimes. New items come from the same companies and distributors that supply the stock we refurbish. New items will arrive in their unopened, original packaging.



Why do some of the same products have different prices?
We have a large stock of products that come in different conditions. We grade them as Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, so that you know their cosmetic condition. Platinum products are virtually indistinguishable from new. Gold products show minor signs of use. Silver products might show visible scratches, scuffs, or dents. Bronze products are great for when you need a functional device as cheap as possible.



Why should I buy refurbished instead of new?
Refurbished devices offer excellent value for money. You are getting great products from top manufacturers, with genuine software for a fraction of the price of new equipment. Refurbished laptops, PCs and tablets also have a much smaller carbon footprint than buying new ones.



Where do the products come from?
Our stock started out as IT equipment being used by large businesses. It's been well looked after, and only used for a limited period of time.



What's in the box?
This varies by product. Details will be in the descriptions of each product.



What comes installed?
Computer equipment will come pre-installed with a genuine operating system. The specific operating system will be detailed within the product listing. Please note that this does not include Office software such as Word or Excel.



What will battery life be?
All batteries are tested to have at least 80% of their original health remaining, so should work well. Batteries are consumable though, and degrade with time, so you may need to replace it eventually.



Does my purchase have a warranty?
Yes! All products come with a warranty, and details will be on the product page.



How do I pay for my purchase?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay. We can even accept bank transfers if you ask nicely.



How long does delivery take?
All orders placed before 1pm on a weekday will be processed the same day. Most orders are delivered within 3 working days, but faster delivery is an option during checkout.



How is my order delivered?
We use Royal Mail for smaller items, and DPD for the bigger stuff.



If my equipment has a fault and is under warranty, how do I get it repaired?
Any products under warranty must be returned to Orbit365 to be examined, repaired, and possibly replaced, or your money refunded. Any repairs you have made through another vendor will not be covered by our warranty.



Can I return my purchase if I don't like it?
Yes, you can return your purchase for any reason within 60 days of delivery.



Is someone available to answer any other questions I might have about products, payment or delivery?
Of course. We are open Monday-Thursday 08:30-17:00 and Friday 08:30-16:00 (excluding bank holidays). We can be reached by phone, email, or online form.



Can I collect my purchase in person?
Unfortunately we do not offer a collection service. As such, we have made our delivery system as straightforward and efficient as possible.



Can I use my mobile phone with any network?
Many mobiles can be used with your choice of network. Some will be network locked, though. In those cases, the network will be clearly stated on the product page.



Do you only sell mobile phone hardware?
We sell hardware and related accessories, but not tariffs or insurance policies.



Will my mobile come with a manual?
As with most mobiles sold today, you will be able to download a user manual online. A printed copy will not be provided with your purchase.