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Our Grading Explained

NEW Sealed Box Exactly what it says - an unused item in a sealed box.
New Open Box The item is still unused, but the box has been opened.
All original accessories are included.

Just as you’d expect from an item bearing a Platinum badge - virtually indistinguishable from new.
No marks, no scuffs, no blemishes, no scratches, and no dents!

Gold Gold units almost made the top grade, but fell just short. Not that you can easily tell.
These units will show minor signs of use, but are excellent value for money.
Silver If you want functionality and low cost, then our Silver units are perfect for you. These items have the functionality of their Gold and Platinum counterparts, but with a much lower price tag.
They do show obvious signs of use, though - scratches, scuffs or dents may be visible.